How it works
How it works

Primo is the easiest to use real-time music-making platform.

An icon of an invitation.
1. Invite your ensemble.
There is no limit on how many people you can invite.
An icon of someone listening to music.
2. Plug in your headphones.
Sound travels more consistently across wires than Bluetooth, so we recommend you dig up your wired headphones for the best experience.
An icon of a microphone.
3. Click to calibrate your mics.
No fancy hardware here; click a button, and within moments your mic will be perfectly calibrated.
An icon of sound being recorded.
6. Press record.
Once you hit record, the first musician will lead the way with others performing along in perfect time.
An icon showing arrows in four directions.
4. Drag to order musicians.
Primo works by layering each musician on top of the others. The first musician will not hear anyone else, and the last musician will hear everyone before them in perfect sync.
A toggle icon.
5. Toggle the room to music mode.
Once toggled to music mode, the audio quality becomes significantly enhanced, and the app is ready to begin layering audio in real-time.
Get Started
We’ll get you set up and comfortable with Primo in a stress-free environment before you invite the whole band or class.
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