Zoom for musicians
Primo is the easiest way to play music together online and in-sync.
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“Primo really is a providential find for us. The program itself is user-friendly. It has transformed how I teach during the pandemic; I cannot imagine teaching choir right now without Primo.”
James Alcée Joseph Brodeur
Choral Music & Music Theory Teacher, Sharon High School
for bands

Host online jam sessions without the lag

Primo uses technology to sync every band member to the same beat in real-time, even if your drummer is across the country.

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for music educators

Conduct your virtual choir on tempo.

Primo runs in the browser and requires minimal technical experience so the entire ensemble can easily pickup Primo.

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A group of people singing together via a video chat application.
for audiophiles

Get clear audio without the bulky setup.

Other remote real-time music-making tools require bulky and expensive equipment that most students and band members don’t have and can’t afford. Primo runs in the browser and only asks that you use wired headphones instead of Bluetooth.

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We’ll get you set up and comfortable with Primo in a stress-free environment before you invite the whole band or class.
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